The CuMo Project | Idaho City Council Passes a Resolution in Support of the CuMo Project
The CuMo Project is an exploration of one of the largest deposits of molybdenum, copper and silver in North America located in Boise County, Idaho.

Idaho City Council Passes a Resolution in Support of the CuMo Project

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Resolution Declares that CuMo may Provide Significant Socio-Economic Benefits

Idaho City’s Mayor and City Council passed a resolution to support the exploration and development of the CuMo Project in Boise County on Wednesday, January 31, 2018. Resolution 2018-01 states that the CuMo Project has the potential to provide significant social and economic benefits to the communities of Boise County by creating direct and ancillary employment opportunities.

“The sustainability of each community surrounding the CuMo Project is our team’s highest priority,” said Phil Bandy, Executive Vice President of Operations at Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation. “We were thrilled to learn that Mayor Phillip Canody and the City Council Members were supporting the Project in such a unified and public way.”

Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation (ICMC), the Boise-based management arm of American CuMo Mining Corporation was established in 2013 to advance the exploration and to educate, engage and empower local community members to participate in CuMo Project developments. The letter accompanying Resolution 2018-01 recognizes the “efforts” that ICMC “has taken to engage community members” throughout the development process.

The recent U.S. Forest Service public comment period offered an opportunity for proponents and opponents of the CuMo Project to have input in shaping the exploration to meet the needs of the community, assure environmental sustainability and comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Comments were accepted regarding the current NEPA Scoping Phase through January 8, 2018.

“Support for the Project is particularly important at this current phase and Idaho City responded with a powerful, public statement” said Bandy.

Information distributed as news from opponents during the public comment period touted that the CuMo Project is managed by a Canadian company and primarily owned by foreign investors.

“Our team is made up of longtime Idaho residents. We work, live and recreate throughout the region,” said Bandy. “Furthermore, American CuMo Mining Corporation is a publicly-traded, international company which gives us the best of both worlds for the Project, local management with adherence to international environmental law which is most stringent.”

ICMC continues to advance the CuMo Project with socio-economic and environmental sustainability as a highest priority. The company’s sustainability efforts include business association memberships, sponsorships for local non-profits, financial contributions for community initiatives and transparent exchange of information regarding the CuMo Project.

More information regarding the CuMo Project is available at or like the CuMo Project Facebook page.

About CuMo Project

The CuMo Project is a scientific exploration of the largest molybdenum deposit and one of the top 25 silver deposits in the world. CuMo is located in a historic mining district in Boise County, Idaho. American CuMo Mining Corporation (CuMoCo) acquired the claim in 2004. CuMoCo established Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation (ICMC), an Idaho-based, wholly-owned subsidiary, to manage the geologic and environmental exploration that will determine the future development plan.

About Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation

Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation (ICMC) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of American CuMo Mining Corporation, a Canadian natural resource exploration and development company. ICMC is committed to conducting all exploration and development activities, present and future, in a manner that ensures a minimal impact on the environment. Every decision made by the development team is focused on designing an environmentally sound and socially responsible project. Currently, ICMC is advancing the CuMo Project in Boise County, Idaho and Calida Gold project in Lemhi County, Idaho. For more information, please visit

About American CuMo Mining Corporation

American CuMo Mining Corporation (CuMoCo) is focused on advancing its CuMo Project towards feasibility. CuMoCo is also advancing its newly-acquired Calida Gold project.  Management is continuing to build an even stronger foundation from which to move the Company and its projects forward. For more information, please visit, and

06 Feb 2018