The CuMo Project is an exploration of one of the largest deposits of molybdenum, copper and silver in North America located in Boise County, Idaho.


Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation is committed to conducting all exploration and development activities, present and future, in a manner that ensures a minimal impact on the environment. Each and every decision made by the development team is focused on designing an environmentally sound and socially responsible project.

Throughout the past nine years, scientists and other experts have been studying the CuMo deposit and analyzing factors which are pertinent to potential mine development. Data produced by these studies is being analyzed, verified and compiled to develop a comprehensive environmental database as required by the Responsible Mineral Development Policy. This comprehensive environmental database of baseline data will become the cornerstone of project planning at the CuMo Project and will help satisfy federal and state permitting requirements. Long-term monitoring is crucial to the success of the project and its sustainability. Monitoring will be based on the database compiled through the studies.

Sustainability – Philosophy

Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation subscribes to the philosophy that a long-term approach to business sustains a profitable exploration and development company. The resource industry can be extremely volatile and inherently impacts local and regional economies, environments and invested social groups. By strictly adhering to sustainable development principles, ICMC is investing in the long-term economic health of the company.

The company is committed to renewed production of minerals and the responsible development of natural resources . . .

ICMC’s lifecycle approach to business aims to leave a net positive imprint or, at the very least, a neutral impact on the geographic areas and lives touched by each of its projects. The company is committed to renewed production of minerals and the responsible development of natural resources by using regulatory and cost-benefit analysis tools to achieve balance on economic, environmental and social bottom lines. CuMoCo management considers financial feasibility, economic reward, stakeholder input, and environmental impacts, at all levels of exploration and development. Management always strives to reconcile economic and social development opportunities with the need for conservation and environmental protection.

Sustainability – Environmental

During the exploratory stages, environmental impacts typically net minimal or no long-term damage. Surface disturbance is negligible and includes vehicle use, mapping and surveying – all activities that meet area standards with regard to removing surface and drill samples for analysis. On occasion, site access is limited and a road must be built to obtain the data necessary for proper assessment. Often, the net effect of exploration is positive, as roads and access may need improvement or stabilization. Regardless of the circumstance, Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation is proactive in addressing environmental issues, foreseeing potential problems and building consensus around the best possible solutions.

. . . the highest degree of integrity throughout all stages of exploration and development . . .

ICMC incorporates incentives for local operators to build relationships and run environmentally and socially responsible operations. The company believes that it is always in the best interest of local communities, business partners and shareholders, to maintain the highest degree of integrity throughout all stages of exploration and development.

At all times ICMC adheres to and very often exceeds all required regulatory processes pertaining to economic, environmental and social aspects of the project. Management believes that there is a balance between the conventional wisdom about the business of mining, and the company’s responsibility to steward sustained resource exploration and production.

Environmental Impact

. . . best management practices to ensure state of the art environmental protection and stewardship.

Based on the extensive scientific studies conduct throughout the past nine years, its CuMoCo’s professional opinion that a potential CuMo Project mine can be designed and built with minimal environmental impact through adherence to best management practices which ensure state of the art environmental protection and natural resources stewardship.

Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation intends to engage an interagency task force to maintain meaningful relationships with state and federal regulatory agencies. The CuMo Project invites community members and other interested parties to participate and contribute to the development of the project and plans for off-site mitigation efforts related to historic mining damage dating back to the 1880s.


Responsible Mineral Development Policy

The Responsible Mineral Development Policy has been developed to communicate sustainable development goals and commitments at every phase of project development. CuMoCo, its employees, contractors and partners will:

  • Actively work with local residents, communities and governments to ensure that the CuMo Project respects local priorities, and advances local interests in such areas as employment, business opportunities and infrastructure development;
  • Ensure that all regulatory requirements for the development of the CuMo Project are met and/or exceeded;
  • Ensure that all technical, environmental and cultural studies undertaken in support of the CuMo Project are thorough and rigorous;
  • Apply best practice environmental management standards to all study, development, construction and operational activities undertaken at the CuMo Project;
  • Be open, honest and forthright with all project stakeholders;
  • Seek input and dialogue with local communities and project stakeholders;
  • Ensure that local people and local companies receive priority consideration for employment and business opportunities, based on qualifications and merit;
  • Develop and implement the best possible exploration plan for the CuMo Project from an environmental, social and economic perspective.