The CuMo Project is an exploration of one of the largest deposits of molybdenum, copper and silver in North America located in Boise County, Idaho.


The CuMo Project could present the first comprehensive reclamation opportunity in the region since unsophisticated placer mining operations dating back to the 1880’s gold rush left rock piles over vast stretches of the Boise National Forest.

  • CuMoCo has spent $1.5 million on the Environmental Assessment to meet and exceed the requirements of the U.S. Forest Service.
  • CuMoCo has funded a $300,000 bond to restore the area from exploration activities.
  • Extensive water quality, fish, wildlife and plant studies are being undertaken for the first time in the region at Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation’s expense and shared with state and federal organizations.

Economic Forecast

The CuMo Project has the potential to produce 70 million pounds of moly per year for decades and it could create 1,000 well-paying direct jobs plus thousands of ancillary and supporting jobs. Should the CuMo Project advance to construction and production, it is projected that it could contribute millions of needed dollars in taxes, fees and other payments to the local, state and federal governments.

  • In the current phase of exploration, the CuMo Project will hire 50-60 local workers and spend $100 million.
  • If approved, the CuMo Project would create as many as 5,000 jobs during the mine construction phases and 1,000 jobs for 100 years during production.
  • The average mining wage in Idaho is $65,000 according to the Idaho Mining Association.


CuMo Quick Facts

  1. Exploration is estimated to take approximately three years to complete.
  2. There are no harmful minerals such as arsenic in the immediate exploration area.
  3. No toxic chemicals are used to remove moly from the rock.
  4. There are 38 miles separating the exploration area from the Boise River.
  5. Several Boise State graduates are on the CuMo technical team.