The CuMo Project is an exploration of one of the largest deposits of molybdenum, copper and silver in North America located in Boise County, Idaho.



Having support from the community is essential.

Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation’s policy is to engage community members early on and update all interested parties throughout the development process. ICMC is committed to positively impacting the community in its every endeavor.

We empathize with the public’s hesitancies and trepidations about supporting a major mining exploration and take pride in the timely release of accurate information and consulting with the community, its leaders, local employees, and contractors. It is our commitment to communicate quantitative and qualitative analyses throughout the process. We are committed to developing a healthy and prosperous mining community here in Boise County.

Boise County Involvement

Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation embraces every opportunity to be involved in events in Boise County. ICMC team members frequently attend community events to offer information about the Project. The CuMo Project has been a proud sponsor of many community initiatives and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Community Impact

Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation realizes the significant economic, social and environmental responsibility that the Project has at the local, regional and national level. We are challenged to maximize sustainability, to reclaim historic mining damage and manage impacts of drilling activities. ICMC desires to benefit each of the communities surrounding the Project both during and after the life of the mine, should the project result in construction.

CuMoCo has invested 100 percent the company’s assets in this project, and in a sense, in the community.  This investment has the potential for a big payoff for the community, CuMoCo and its investors. With the continued backing of Boise County residents, the CuMo Project has the potential to significantly benefit the local population of Boise County through the creation of direct and indirect employment, skills transfer, enhancing the capacity of health and education services, improved infrastructure, and business opportunities.

The CuMo Way

Modern mining practices are critical to the responsible development of the CuMo Project. Strategic partnerships with public and private entities will produce positive community outcomes and ultimately result in a well-developed project plan.

The CuMo Project team can impact community partners in the mining industry who share the values of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.




CuMoCo provides unbiased, science-based advice for organizations focused on:

  • Strategy Development
  • Policy Development
  • Environmental Risk Identification
  • Development of Field Models
  • Conservationism